High Traffic Flooring Solutions

When it comes to floor covering then many of us opt for carpet in bedrooms, but when it comes to high traffic areas that can get wet such as kitchens or hallways then many of us will opt for something that is harder wearing and easy to keep clean.

Traditionally there are a few options to look at, the first is solid wood flooring which is very durable, but can be prone to marking and it may not like constantly getting wet, it also very expensive to buy, install and replace in the event of any damage, it also really needs a specialist to fit it well. It would be suitable for fitting in a hallway or kitchen, but not a bathroom.

Secondly you may consider the use of ceramic floor tiles, they are relatively easy to lay yourself with just a few simple tools, although you may need to buy an electric tile cutter if you want to do the job quickly. However they can be expensive to buy depending on what material you choose to buy them in, but they are available in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes, making them a very flexible solution. You will have to leave walking on them for a day after fitting and then again after grouting.

They are a very hard wearing flooring, although you should always keep a few spare tiles over, unless any get cracked and need replacing in future. Replacing a broken tile is easy but takes some time to do well.

Whilst many people do use them in bathrooms, they are not so ideal for wet areas though as they can get very slippy when wet, and in addition if you have small children you need to be aware that they are not ideal as they have no bounce like carpet does, meaning falls result in bruises. They are ideal for kitchens and hallways.

Your other alternative is to consider the use of vinyl flooring in the form of tiles or sheet vinyl, and this is not an option that should be dismissed as cheap and cheerful, as some high quality vinyl floors can now costs thousands of pounds to fit.

You can fit it yourself if you want to, and it can be bought very cheaply, and it also comes in a wide range of colours and styles, it wipes clean easily and good quality vinyl flooring will be very hard wearing.