High-end Furniture At Simnani Interiors Pune

What to see Simnani Interiors showroom in Baner, Pune comes with mahogany colored wooden doors that dont reveal much about the spacious display inside. Located in a newly developed area of Pune, this store is a marvelous and artistic spread of sophisticated designs spread across two floors. You are expected to leave your footwear outside before entering.

What to get Simnani Interiors deals in sophisticated furniture and home accessories. When we visited it, there was a royal looking swing in the center with golden colored chains to support a base of approximately one and a half feet and a beautifully carved backrest. For around Rs. 39,000 with the chain fitting, the swing seemed pretty inviting with the cozy arrangement of beige cushions. Simnani also has centre tables made of solid teakwood. We liked a square shaped center table, about one and a half feet in height with a translucent glass panel. These cost between Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 25,000. There are dining table sets in different shapes and sizes too like round, oval, square, rectangular etc and a variety of chairs to choose from. The furniture is decently accessorized with wooden vases of varied shapes.

You can also pick up a complete drawing room set consisting of sofas, centre tables and TV units for Rs. 1.75 lakh and above. The sofas are mainly wooden with leather seats and backrests. We particularly liked an L-shaped sofa with an extended side table adjoining the hand rest. There are bedroom sets too. These aesthetically designed sets have wardrobes with sliding doors. These wardrobes are spacious with superb partitions unlike the clichd designs we generally see. Moreover, the low beds have trolleys beneath for storage space. These are priced for Rs. 1 lakh and above.

The way to the first floor at Simnani is from the outside. Here, they offer indoor slippers to wear. Inside, you get to see majestic chairs of exotic shapes. A bunk bed with many hidden features like drawers beneath the ladder leading to the upper bed caught our eye. So did a glass partition with water cascading down on it behind which lies a four-poster bed taking you back to royal times.

The owner of Simnani Interiors informed us that his store was not a typical furniture selling outlet, but more than that as it offered complete interior designing solutions. Here, designs can be customized according to clients needs and requirements. They charge Rs. 1,000 per square feet onwards for interior designing services.

Our verdict – Simnani Interiors is a place for people with an artistic bend of mind and deep pockets. It is not for mere window shopping. The furniture provided by them promises to last for long. They also provide after sales service though inside you wont find salesmen (they believe that the product on its own can sell well). They have one more branch in Nagpur and the central office is located in Mumbai. There is common parking space in front of Simnani.

Anytime between – 9.30 AM – 8.30 PM