Great Long Beach Family Law Attorneys

Great Long Beach Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys are very well paid for the services they offer their clients, but what separates the good the bad and the great family law attorneys.

The key factors are experience, winning ratio and fees.


You want a family lawyer who has many years of experience in all types of cases, from divorce to child custody to restraining orders and living trusts. Often a lawyer who specializes in family law as a whole is better placed than one that only focuses on one area. The reason for this Is they will have seen and heard and trialed many different situations and will be in a great position to negotiate a good settlement for you.

Wining Ratio:

This is so important as you want a lawyer with a long history of winning. Winning is often everything when it comes to law. There is no second place, its either you win or you lose. Either you get the outcome you want or you don’t. Sometimes a mutual settlement can be agreed too, however often its all or nothing.

You need to find an attorney like The Law Offices of Damian Nolan who have a proven track record of winning cases for his clients. Even family law cases that looked like they would not win, they were able to persuade the jury to award their client with victory.

If you want to get in contact with their offices you can do so by calling 562-634-1115. You could also take a look at their website Which gives a lot of information about the services they offer. Lastly, after you have scheduled an appointment you can visit their Long Beach office in person. Although it’s a few minutes out of Long Beach city at 4909 Lakewood Blvd #535, Lakewood, Ca, 90712.


Attorney fees can quickly stack up, you should negotiate a fixed fee arrangement where possible, however if done hourly, ensure you get a rate that you are comfortable with and that you will be able to pay throughout the case.

Long Beach is not a cheap area to live, and thus obviously attorney overheads are also costly. You may be able to find attorneys at lesser costs in other cities, but remember if you want a great Long Beach family law attorney, you will need to pay the respected fees.