Grandfather Clocks – Who Makes Grandfather Clocks Today

In ancient times they were not referred as grandfather clocks but as important time keepers. No matter how wealthy a person is one cannot purchase time. But a decent time keeping device can be purchased. Nowadays they are so called because they have become outdated, so have the wounding techniques of yore. It was a ritual to wind the device. The earliest grandfather clocks were designed keeping in mind the needs of the astronomers. That was in the 1500s.

Today we all need to check the time to manage every facet of our lives. The old grandfather clocks did gather dust and went out of fashion at one time. But then the cycle returns. The clocks popularity has bought it out of the attics. Similar prototypes are being made but with modern techniques. The blend of the old world charm and modern technology has bought it back into living rooms. Since it is large it needs to be kept in the most spacious area in one corner. Grandfather clocks are beautiful and remind one of the old fashion days when the quality of life was so much better. How have they remained in our homes for long? ?

Best manufacturers

A typical grandfather clock has a long pendulum and weights covered in a wooden case. The earliest models were sleek, thin and long. The wooden case makes the huge device stand freely on the floor. Due to its heavy weight it was put in one corner from where it is visible to all. Howard Miller has been manufacturing these clocks for new generation of users. They understand the ancient concept and have become a reputable brand in this genre of clocks. They come with the authenticity and also with the guarantee of the company. These clocks have become family heirlooms and evoke memories of time gone by.

Another popular manufacturer is Hentschel making the Chinook grandfather clock. It can be recognised by its split pediment which is arched and turned finial. In the night it automatically stops the triple-chime cable wound movement. It also has a moon shaped dial with raised numbers on the time ring on the lunar arch. Another renowned manufacturer is Bulova which has designed Shelbourne bomb-shaped four-tiered base includes hand-carved feet and central design. It comes with Arabic numerals. Bulova also makes Colchester grandfather clocks with V-grooves and a glass door. They also make parliament grandfather clocks.

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