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Tips for Using Energy-Saving Window Treatments When you’re objective is to reduce energy wastage and costs during winter, the right window treatments for your whole house are the remedy. But your choice of window treatments will determine the extent to which you can save energy and contribute to a greener environment. Taking into Account the Options The market for windows coverings today presents buyers with numerous choices. Yet, your choices are unlimited when your goal is to reduce energy costs. The most energy efficient choices are the coverings that protect the entire window space with very limited gaps, limiting your options to using layers of dense curtains or indoor shutters. Interior shutters are the better quality alternative of the two when you want to save energy based on the fact that they have a fit that can be customized and their capability to tautly close their louvers.
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It’s possible to maximize energy savings, as shutter experts suggest, by keeping open the louvers of windows that face the west from noon to mid-afternoon to let sun heat enter the inside of your house. The choice of west-facing windows for opening is based on the fact that it’s these that get the most exposure to the heat of the sun. Louvers for other windows in your entire home may be opened partly in the day to allow the penetration of natural light, although these ought to be closed as natural light disappears to give your home maximum protection, thanks to insulation abilities of the shutters. Personalizing the Shutters When you make the choice of buying shutters for your house, you’ll realize there are custom options as well as fabricated ones. The fabricated alternatives are cheaper compared to customized shutters, although these hardly fit well into any windows. Buying tailor-made shutters for your home is the best choice. The tailor-made window treatments are associated with optimum energy efficiency because they ensure no space is left between shutters and window frames, and that helps trap hot air inside the house. An additional benefit of custom shutters is that they’re attractive and will serve their purpose for long. Expert Measurements You may decide to take measurements and install your custom window shutters on your own, although experts can guarantee the best outcome when they do the measuring and installation. Enlisting experienced professionals is the best way as they possess the expertise to take precise measurements and come up with the best fit. The contractors may also install the shutters as per the manufacturer’s exact requirements and in a safe and quick fashion. You may be exposed to numerous options for applications as window treatments, but shutters are the ideal option when you want to check energy wastage and power bills.