Get Durable Floors with a Rustic Appearance

Today, everyone is concerned about saving money. Perhaps you are planning to install new floors on your property. You surely want to make sure that they last for as long as possible. Many property owners are recognizing the benefits of choosing wide plank pine for their new floors. This type of flooring in its natural form is made of planks of wood. You have to be careful when you are choosing wood for plank floors. Softer woods are not ideal because the idea is for the floors to last a a very long time.

By dealing with a reputable flooring company, you can ensure that you will not purchase the wrong type of material for your project. As a rule of thumb though, opt to choose cedar, pine or oak. If you are going for a look that is going to grab the attention of guests, you may want to choose among teak, walnut or redwood. Your flooring contact should have samples available.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this type of wood flooring is only ideal if you live in a cabin type of property. The cut of the planks is ideal with virtually any type of home decor or furnishings. The only consideration that you may want to take seriously is what type of wood to choose.

Use caution when trying to budget for your flooring project. You may be tempted to purchase engineered wide plank wood products. Keep in mind that these laminate types of flooring will not be as sturdy and long lasting as real wood. They are also likely to require special installation to ensure that buckling does not occur. Using a professional installation company can reduce the chances of a faulty installation, but engineered products are man made, and they will not outlast real wood.

Taking care of wood floors is usually a cinch. You must keep in mind that wood is prone to deteriorating when it is exposed to too much water. Keep this in mind when you mop or if spills occur. You could place a fan in rooms after mopping to encourage faster drying.