Gas Lanterns of New Orleans – Timeless Architectural Dcor for

Add style and elegance to your home with a traditional New Orleans style Classic New Orleans Style Gas Lanternas copper lantern.

Wouldnt you love to take home a piece of New Orleans that is much more enjoyable than Mardi Gras beads, a hangover or extra pounds from eating too much! New Orleans has a rich architectural history inspired by the many cultures which have called our city home throughout the years. The city, and especially the French Quarter, is a great place to shop for antiques, souvenirs and architectural dcor.

One of the most popular ways to bring home a piece of our city is to decorate your home with one or more high quality New Orleans gas lanterns designed to resemble the antique lanterns of years ago. Just about anywhere you go in the city you will find these handmade, copper gas lanterns still gracing the most visible landmarks of New Orleans including many buildings in the French Quarter and historic homes around the city.

Antique Style Gas Lanterns

New Orleans style gas lanterns are designed to look like the gas lanterns from the 1700 1800s when cities were lighted entirely by gas lights. There is no better example of this than the popular French Quarter style gas lantern which has changed very little since it was first used. It features a 4 sided glass enclosure with an angled copper tops and a single flame. Today these lanterns can be built to any size specification and flush mounted directly to a wall but when used in their traditional fashion they are usually mounted or hung with an iron bracket in order to get maximum radiance from the light.

Popular applications for New Orleans Gas Lanterns:

* Hung from a ceiling or porch wall with an iron hanging yoke bracket or ladder rack * Installed or mounted to a vertical wall with either a traditional, gooseneck or scroll bracket * Placed on a lamp post with a standard or “spider mount” bracket.

Natural Copper Adds Old World Charm and Elegance

Another element adding to the “old world charm” of New Orleans gas lanterns is the use of traditional materials such as copper. Copper is historically the material of choice for an outdoor gas lantern. It is a tough, durable metal that can withstand the natural elements and ages gracefully the longer it is left outdoors.

The best lanterns will be those made individually by hand which means that manufacturers will cut and hammer in the traditional style (as opposed to machine made) to give a look of authenticity. The copper is normally treated so that it begins the oxidation process which adds to the “aged look.” Significant improvements have also been made in the glass used in these lanterns to prevent shattering and keep out wind gusts which may have blown out the flame in older lanterns.

However just because these designs are antique in nature they enjoy many of todays modern comforts. For instance, lanterns can be fitted with electronic ignitions which provide a high degree of control over the burn level of the flame.