Fitting End late maintenance

After the renovation has been completed to enter a trial room, use phase, during which a series of problems may occur. To learn to use in the future for home renovations necessary maintenance, can master the use of home renovations, knowledge of conservation. >

Water: water pipe used for the first time, may have colored water outflow, should turn on the tap, put a period of time, the water will gradually become clear. It can not be used to clean the faucet acidic or alkaline liquid, nor can rough cloth or steel balls, otherwise it will damage the faucet surface. If the renovation temporarily stay, a business trip or experience required after the arrival of a long time to go out, or meet public water maintenance, etc., it is best to feed the main valve closed.

Appliances: prior to initial use of electricity, better to check electrical appliances are wet, plugs, wires are intact and safe. In particular kettles, electric water heaters, rice cookers, sterilization container and other electrical appliances. The new appliances sure to read the instructions carefully before use.

Tiles: Tiles should always clean in order to maintain a clear patterns, but be sure to use a soft, clean cloth, you can not use the acid liquid and hard scrubbing brush, otherwise it will destroy the uranium surface tiles.

Solid wood flooring: wood floor in the walk, do not use the sole surface drag, otherwise it will cause paint thinner, shorter service life. Heel with nails, not walking. Do not beat with a heavy surface. To avoid direct sunlight floor mop to clean the floor to pay attention to humidity, do not use in a wet mop.

Wood products: wood products including cabinets, entrance, shelves, doors and windows. Switch windows and doors should be noted moderate force, and pay attention to the left and right sides of the doors and windows have opened and closed in order. More frequent contact with the place, pay attention to protect the finish. And rail connections to maintain lubrication and cleaning, spring hinge spacing should pay attention to adjust protection against slipping out. Doors and windows open for long periods to pay attention to the connection to the rust.

When moving furniture to lift, do not drag on the ground. Pay attention to cleaning rag dry humidity, especially when clean side of the edge, to prevent water penetration, in order to avoid edge unglued. read more: