Finishing A Wood Floor, Quick!

The saying of time is money is quite often true in the commercial sector as when a shop closes for work to take place no customers can come thorough the door until it is completed. Dealines need to be met in order for other work to progress. For example you would not want to put your skirting down until the floor is down.

A time contraint of an overnight somekeyword renovation is no longer unrealistic with new products on the market such as Osmo’s Polyx Oil and Polyx Hardwax Oil Rapid. The somekeyword was developed in response to flooring contarctors input and demands. It is part of the Polyx Oil range and is already a very popular choice for wood flooring contractors who are ordering vast quantities.

With the Polyx Oil there is no need for primer so application is easy, this is the same whether we are talking somekeyword or ash flooring. First make sure the floor is clean and dry. Apply the first coat and then leave it to dry on the flooring for five hours, after that apply the second coat. By the morning the floor will be dry and ready to walk on!

Just two coats of the Polyx Hardwax Oil Rapid are all that is needed to give the desired hardness for a wood floor giving a great finish!

Wear resistance of the flooring oil is very good, there is no need to worry about workmen walking accross it with heavy boots as it is very scratch and wear resistant exceeding that of conventional seals and varnishes.

The benefits of Polyx Hardwax Oil Rapid include ease of dirt and grime removal from the flooring without leaving and marks or other traces. If the flooring ever becomes worn out or in need of renovation then this is very easy to do. Simply clean the area and retreat it with the floor wax, no sanding or removal of previous finishes is required.

If time is of the essence then Osmo can provide superior satin and matt finishes to your floor. Hardwax oil dries in half the time of conventional lacquers even in big volumes for large scale projects.

The benefits of the Osmo Polyx Oil is that it is extremely versatile and is suitable not only for solid and somekeyword but also for laminate, cork and also terracotta tiles. Another benefit is that it can be stored for up to five years if the can is tightly closed. The versatility of this product does not stop there, the Osmo Polyx Oil is not just suitable for flooring but also for other wooden products such as skirting and kitchen worktops.

A lot of other oils and lacquers contain solvents which can be unpleasent to humans and cause health problems such as headaches and rashes. Osmo wood flooring oils and lacquers contain only natural ingrediants such as vegetable oils so they have a very low odour when being applied and none at all when the are dried. Good ventilation is recommended when applying these products not for odour but to speed up the ever so important drying process!