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Five Tips to Decorating Your Driveway Your driveway is the access road to your home and so it plays an important role in your home’s appearance. The driveway should therefore be given the attention it deserve and not be taken for just being an entrance road made of concrete, asphalt or cobblestone. Unfortunately, majority of the people look at their driveways as simply being roads made of concrete slabs, asphalt or cobblestone, and don’t need much considerations. To make it appealing you need to effectively decorate it. Here are 5 tips to decorating your driveway. Substitute the usual concrete with gravel
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Concrete has got to be the most used material for driveways especially in urban or city establishments. This is not a bad idea since it is durable but again it has become monotonous and boring. To remove this monotony and make your driveway more appealing use something like gravel instead. It also offers security since you can easily notice an intruder walking on your gravel driveway. In the end you will not only have improved the beauty and look, but also save up on cost and improve security since you can easily notice an intruder walking on the gravel.
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Add some plants and flowers on the side Plants and flowers on the sides of your driveway make it more serene and attractive. However, most people don’t do it right. You need to be creative with your planting styles, for instance you need to avoid the monotony of planting flowers of the same color all through. Another thing is to create a sequence of the different colors to bring out a cool visual impression. You can also alternate the flowers and plants in a desirable order. Put Lightings on the Side For those who might not be keen on having plants on the sides because of their demanding maintenance there is also the option of putting up lights instead. I would advise lining it with solar lights which will make your driveway sparkle at night at zero costs on electricity. Include a Center Island This is a good idea especially on round and spacious driveways. You can plant some colorful flowers or some other kinds of attractive plants, or just some potted plants in placed in an orderly manner. You can them plant some beautiful and colorful flowers on the “island” to make it magical. Setting up a children’s playground is also an idea as long as the space allows it. Set up a water fountain Another creative idea is to create a beautifully designed water fountain on your driveway- it makes it look more classy and elegant. It is somehow costly and will need you cough up a little more money. The above ideas would be useless if you will not be cleaning and maintaining your driveway. To remove the stains, dirt, and dust for example, you will need some pressure washing on the concrete.