fci is London’s largest contemporary furniture showroom ever

Have you ever wanted to change the look of your home, but just do not know how to go about it? In this situation, one could do one of two things. You can either go through an expensive interior decorator or spend thousands buying furniture only to return it after seeing the piece does not look the way you thought it would look from the showroom floor.

There is now a third choice, FCI London. In fact, fci is London’s largest contemporary furniture showroom. This furniture company was founded in 1985, and for thirty years has sought out the most luxurious pieces all across Europe. Don’t let the companies age fool you. FCI has kept up with the times and offers an online experience like no other.

FCI London offers a unique service that most average luxury furniture store lacks, the ability to design and tweak the decor of ones own home without ever sending a decorator to the site. This is achieved when clients email pictures of the rooms they wish to redecorate.

You can send them pictures measurements and floor-plans. Afterwords you can converse with FCI decorators about your likes and dislikes, then they create a 3D representation of your home and send you their proposals. If you do not have floor plans or pictures, FCI London can send a team out to your home for the images and measurements.

With advances in 3D software technology, architects and interior-design professionals can create photo-realistic images of design ideas. These images are very detailed and to scale. The shadows and reflections seem almost too real. You would think you were looking at a future photograph of your home.

Members of both the British Institute of Interior Design and the Society of British Interior Design, FCI London has a level of confidence and expertise unmatched by other companies. Their team of designers are trained in the use of the latest in 3D architectural software that helps them design your home and help you realize your dream house.

There is more than just fancy furniture, FCI London has a complete range of services to meet anyone needs. They have teams for home cinema designs, audiovisual experts, lighting gurus and even art consultant. A home is not just a home. It could be considered functional art in and of itself. Don’t let your imagination be a limitation, give FCI a call or go to their showroom.