Expert Advice before you buy Vinyl Flooring

When choosing the floor finishing material for your home, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option among other flooring like woods and tiles. Not only that it can compete with the exquisiteness and quality of other floor covering materials, vinyl flooring is also hard-wearing, cost effective and water resistant. Vinyl comes in various designs, colours, and patterns. If you’re fond of ceramic looking flooring but want a warmer feel on the feet as you walk over it, then the padded vinyl flooring is the right for you. You can choose over the simply plain ones, exquisitely patterned designs, or those that mimic real wood. However, keep in mind that vinyl flooring is prone to dents caused by dropped objects so better not settle with a plain one.

Vinyl material tends to be called cheap vinyl flooring compared to the other types because it is generally low maintenance. It is also easily laid out especially with the adhesive vinyl tiles which you could do yourself or the moderately skilled amateur. The vinyl sheet is likewise easy to install but a more skilled person is needed to take a accurate measurements of the sheet for the entire floor.

Vinyl flooring is now a growing trend on floor finishing. What perfectly makes the luxury vinyl flooring are the designs that imitate the look of natural materials such as wood or marble. Thus, you can have the desired designs in a foamed type of flooring material.

But before you make a purchase, there are few things that you need to consider about vinyl:

The first thing is the thickness. The thickness that is being meant here is the wear layer or the top layer. Vinyl is made up of layers from the wear layer, decorative layer, padded layer, vinyl layer, and finally the backing. The one that really counts for thickness concern is the wear layer as it determines how the floor will thrive against tears, rips, and scratches.

Consider the quality. Vinyl is generally a good type of material for floor covering. However, like any other types, vinyl comes in various brands. Choose the best kind that suits to your flooring needs. Before making a purchase, ask first for the warranty. Choose the vinyl material with a good warranty.

Know where the seams are. Depending on the arrangement of your room, seaming maybe needed. Make sure to know where the seams are likely to be when the floor is laid down. Be particular with vinyl designs or patterns that can best mask the seams.

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