Examining The Effects Of Whitening Treatments

The average teeth whitening prices begin around $325 for options such as zoom whitening. However, these costs may be reduced if you choose treatments that you can perform at home. What you should determine when you decide whether at-home or in-office treatments are better is first their effectiveness, if more treatments are needed, and the risks.

Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

Patients with fewer stains could use at-home treatments without the worry that the solution will not produce the desired results. However, they should consider using pre-filled trays over strips and products in which they must measure the solution themselves. A dental professional has more experience with these products, and the trays provide the right amount of the solution needed for the task.

In-office treatments are vital for patients with severe stains. The reason this is true is that it could take several treatments before the stains are completely removed. The teeth could also have existing damage such as exposed nerves. If the whitening process is completed incorrectly, this could lead to severe pain as the peroxide leaks into a cavity gaining access to the nerve. This is why you should allow a dentist to examine your teeth before you undergo these processes.

When More Treatments are Needed

Your preferred dental professional is aware of the frequency in which whitening treatments are safe for patients. Overexposure to peroxide-based products could cause severe irritation in some cases and could cause damage. This is why you should learn which intervals are safest for your teeth and gums. If you have brittle teeth, you should schedule your visits further apart to prevent breakage.

The most common side effect to teeth whitening products is irritation of the gums. This is why in-office processes are performed after a barrier to placed over the gums to protect the gums. However, some patients who have sensitivity to peroxide or allergies could have serious reactions to these products. At any time that an allergic reaction is discovered, you should report it immediately. If you wish to learn more about these treatments, you should contact your preferred dentist today to schedule an appointment.