Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading Your Furnace

High efficiency furnaces have been on the focus in discussions about home energy efficiency in recent years as home owners struggle with high energy bills, increasing environmental concerns and waning resources. Below are tips to consider when buying a new furnace or when deciding whether to buy a new furnace.


A modern high efficiency furnace can be up to 98% efficient and can work without a chimney.Furnarces installed before 1992 are probably obsolete, In 1992 as part of efforts to reduce energy waste the Canadian government ordered that all new furnaces be 78% efficient this was elevated to 80% in 2013 today some models have their efficiencies as high as 98.5%.

With an old furnace you are also realising about 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as you maybe aware this gas depletes the ozone layer and this is the cause of major environmental problems today such as global warming and climate change.

Your local utility such as Enbrige will provide you with the necessary information for making the switch from oil to gas if necessary.

An old furnace also has the drawback of producing up to half the heat it should be providing on the equivalent amount of fuel. The effiency of your furnace will also determine how high or low your energy bills are ,The Department of Energy in United States says that 56% of energy used up in a typical American home ( with 30% of this portion being used for heating) is used for cooling and heating therefore if you can use more efficient equipment you will make great savings on your energy bills.


In Canada there are many manufacturers of high efficiency furnaces they include Goodman, Lennox and Carrier. Many local dealers will handle the sale and installation of your new system. If you can’t afford to pay upfront, there may be reasonably priced financing or rental programs available if you live in Ontario.

When purchasing a high efficiency the price difference is brought about by different levels of efficiency, warranty and comfort. Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency(AFUE) is used to measure the efficiency of a furnace, all new furnaces have this rating which is usually a yellow label so when purchasing it is important to note that high efficiency is for those with more than 90 percent anything less than that is not recognised as high efficiency by the Department Of Energy.