Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturing Details And Advantages

There is usually two type of wood flooring, one is solid wood flooring and the other one is engineered wood flooring. Both the types of floors have their own advantages and uses. The term engineered is used to describe the manual changes made with the wood floor. Previously, solid wood floor were very much popular among the people, but as time passed people started recognizing the problem with solid wood floors. So, the flooring companies started to manufacture engineered wood floors. There are lots of constructional differences between the two floors. Hard wood floor is made of a single layer of wood, but engineered wood is made by joining more than one layer. There is no restriction on the number of the layers of the wood glued together.

Constructional details of engineered wood flooring

The process of fixing the layers of the wood is called as floating. In thin method the above layer of the wood is fixed with the underlayer in such a process that the top layer floats on the underlayer. At first, the top layer is laid on the bottom layer and after cutting the bottom layer as per the dimensions of the top layer, the groove and the tongue of both the layers are fixed with the help of an adhesive. There is no contact between the floors and the varying thickness of both the floors helps in preventing echo.

Engineered wood flooring has a lot of advantages over solid or real wood flooring. Some of the basic advantages that you can avail by installing this type of floor are:

Great physical strength: These woods are designed in order to provide the homeowners with the required strength. You can choose multiple layers of these wooden floors like wooden floor for a commercial building requires greater strength than that required for a house. So, you can definitely opt for multiple layer wooden floors.
Resistant to moisture: As we all know that hardwood is not resistant to moisture and during humid conditions they swell up because of absorption of moisture, but the process used in the construction of engineered wood flooring prevents them from absorbing the moisture content present in the air. It is so because of the gap between the layers which help in the overflow of the vapours.
Price: Engineered Wood is cheap in comparison with hardwood because of the use of plywood. These woods are a great value to the price.
Easy installation: The installation process of these woods is quite easy as you can easily cut the plywood as per the dimensions of your floor. The installation of these woods is easy as compared to the solid woods because it can be either glued or nailed easily with the floor.
Highly stable: The presence of different layers adds to the stability of the floor.

There are a lot of distributors of engineered wood flooring and you can take the help of any distributor for accessing the right floor. The choice on the number of layers should be made on the basis of your installation requirement.