Engineered Wood Flooring – A General Guide To Fitting

Engineered Wood Floorings are fabricated from two or more layers of wood that are glued together and topped with hardwood. Over the years, the popularity of Engineered Wood Floorings has grown manifold, the reasons being their aesthetic appeal and durability. The construction of Engineered Wood Floorings imparts them exceptional strength making them ideal for rugged conditions. However, apart from their structural characteristics, another factor that determines the performance of Engineered Wood Flooring is the way they are installed.

Floating Method Of Installation
The most common fitting method for an Engineered Wood Flooring is the floating method. In this, an underlay material is laid over the existing floor and then the tongue and groove is glued together with a PVA wood adhesive. This way a completely new floor is floating above the existing floor. An underlay is used to help block any echo that occurs in the space between the two floors. The underlay is available in different forms and varies in thickness and quality. For general floors, underlay of 3mm thickness is recommended. Use of fibre board on real Wood Flooring is not advisable as it will cause too much of movement.

Underlays: A Number Of Options
There are even other types of underlays available like, timbermate excel which provides sound insulation and acts as a cushion to the floor. They are mostly used in flats and apartments where noise needs to be minimised. Multi adhesive underlay is another type, which is used in most homes. It is the most user-friendly underlay. It is easy to install as it has a sticky side at the back, which automatically sticks the new floor from the existing floor and holds it firm in place.

Expansion gaps should be secured when installing floating Engineered Wood Flooring to accommodate wood expansion. Generally, 15mm of space is left as expansion gap. Engineered Wood Flooring boards can also be glued down directly to the sub floor or nailed over an existing timber floor. They are ideally nailed through the tongue at a 45-degree angle to make the system as discreet as possible.

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