EMOH Furniture Store Unveils Unique Plan To Cut Customer Costs


(Hong Kong, China)— Emohdesign.com, which provides creatively-designed furniture pieces and home accessories from all over the world, has recently unveiled their unique business plan to cut expenses for their company. By lowering their own costs, the company is better able to pass those savings on to their customers and provide them with affordable, sustainable furniture that allows them to creatively design their ideal space on a reasonable budget.

Karen Lau, a representative of EMOH Furniture, commented “Simplicity is one of our company’s core values. The furniture and accessories that we sell reflect the charming beauty of a simple life and our belief in ‘the art of less’. Our team knows that its only right that our prices reflect those same values. For that reason, we’ve monitored and altered our business practices to deliver the most affordable  furniture prices to our customers. We want them to understand that beautiful, creative design doesn’t have to be expensive. Our affordable prices put the power to design simple, comfortable homes within the customer’s reach.”

In order to bring lower prices to their customers, EMOH cuts the costs that are normally associated with things like advertising and rent. Instead, the company has decided to rent a warehouse in a non-commercial industrial location. They’ve also cut out the middlemen in the sales process, eliminating the need for expensive wholesalers and importers by working directly with designers and manufacturers around the world to furnish affordable items for emohdesign.com.

As Lau continues, “Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, and the business practices that our company employs will help ensure that it isn’t. Our customers will never pay more than they have to for great, simplistic design. We invite customers to take a look at the chic, simple, and natural home design furniture we provide knowing that they’ll be able to afford the pieces they want to buy.”

Those who would like to learn more about what EMOH has to offer or view their selection of furniture and accessories should visit www.emohdesign.com.

About EMOH Furniture Store:

EMOH values individual creativity and believes every one of their customers is and should be the designer of their own unique space. Their team aims to furnish their customers’ creative sense of design with home furniture and accessories from all over the world for the creation of a simple, comfy home.