Embroider by Hand or by Using a Machine

In case you don’t know what embroidery is, it’s the art of using a needle with colored thread or fine yarn and creating beautiful designs, pictures or initials on fabric. Embroidery is a craft that began thousands of years ago. Mother’s have embroidered table runners, family initials on pillow slips and handkerchiefs that add class to the home. Even in this modern age, it’s still considered an art form and handicraft. Quilts and wall hangings with gorgeous scenes, were and still, are displayed in homes. Before embroidery machines came out, special tools to make the task easier were used.

An embroidery hoop is used to hold the fabric straight and taut so that it’s easier to see and pull the needle and thread through. Some use a lap frame or a floor stand frame if they want to use both hands for stitching. This is an excellent pastime for those who love to do things while watching television, listening to the radio or keeping an eye on children in the wintertime. Other people embroider and sell their products at the local antique shops, flea markets, swap meets and so on. Many people have no idea what it takes to embroider neatly on both sides of the fabric, tie tiny knots in the opposite side creating a finished product that’s truly remarkable.

Very sharp scissors should be used to cut thread when embroidering so that tedious work that’s completed is not ruined by dull scissors that can pull fine material. Next comes the type of thread used for certain projects. Depending on the scene you want to create, you can use a smooth, shiny, silk thread that, when finished, will glimmer in the light. For heavier material, a thread that’s more coarse may be a wiser choice. The needles and other tools use in embroidering can be purchased in a craft store. Having everything together before beginning your project will ensure a great finished project without causing frustration.

Today, many people use a machine when they want to embroider, simply because it’s faster. A single needle machine is threaded with another color thread after all the portions of one color are completed. There are also multi-needle machines out on the market. Think about your project before deciding on the type of machine, material and thread you’d like to use.