Dining room is the place where all the family members sit together and take breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the dining room, dining table is there where all kinds of relishing and mouth-watering dishes are kept. Dining table teaches us about working in a team, act of discipline and compassion. But for these entire things tour table should be strong enough!

Dining table are used from the medieval times when the king with his emperors used to do lavish and royal dinners. These tables come in variety of materials with variety of colors and design. Nowadays the furniture companies make antique and unique designs for 5 star hotels or for middle class family. Things have changed a lot in the home construction business.

Several types of wood are used in the construction of dining tables. Teak, Mahogany, Timber and many other varieties of trees wood are used to give strong foundation to dining table. Among this Teak is the most popular choice of wood among people. It is one that gives robust look to the complete table and you do not have to worry about any crack or damage in the table. Teak is considered as the strong wood that last long because of its durability. So when we refinishing a Teak dining table then it will restore its original luster. While outdoor teak furniture may become grayish with time, indoor furniture will retain much of its natural wooden or golden color. In either case, refinishing is a project that will recapture the dining table’s natural beauty.

There are many kinds of dining tables designs that give ultra shine look to tables. The designs of this Teak dining table can be based on various patterns like modern, rustic, contemporary, casual and various other modes of style. There are different types of designs that differ greatly according to their price range. They range from really high ones to lower end ones that are suitable to the customers of having different ranges of budget. One major part of the tables is their shapes they are mostly available in shapes like round, rectangular and square and oval. As they are available in so many variations, people of different tastes find a match for their houses that is perfectly suitable to their preferences and the space that they have available in their houses. The chairs that come with the set are most curved in accordance to the look of the dining table designs like for a larger table there would be almost six to eight chairs.

Although, the shape and design of Teak dining table totally depends on the place where you are going to keep the dining table. If your home accommodates fewer people then you have to choose the wall mounted table which could make your arena less occupied and more spacious. On the other hand people living in large apartment or bungalows can prefer as much size they require depends on the family members and their social activity. The small folding table is the best option if you are going for picnic or short trip that requires meals.