Door Protection Against Thieves

Many home invasions begin at the front door or the back door of the home when it appears there is no one home. The thieves attempt to force entry into the homes that look easiest to get into. To deter these thieves from attempting to break into your home, you may invest in security screens for the doors as well as the windows. Security screens are made of either steel or aluminum. Steel can withstand pressure of up to one hundred and fifty thousand pounds while aluminum can withstand pressure of up to seventy thousand pounds.

Some homeowners choose the added protection of a security screen because in addition to acting as a deterrent for thieves, it also helps to lower some homeowner’s insurance costs. The insurance company classifies the security screens as a preventative measure. Although there are several benefits of having a security screen, the appearance of the screen may negate some of the appeal of the home. Therefore, to balance this, a customized security screen may be designed.

For the added safety provided by Security Screens Caloundra, Australia has certified technicians who are able to design and install a security screen that fits your needs and that compliments your home. There are screens available to fit different kinds of doors such as: french, sliding, traditional hinged and escape. After the screen is designed and manufactured, it is sent through a series of rigorous testing. Once the screens have passed the quality assurance tests, they are sent out with the technician for installation.

Although the quality assurance tests are rigorous, you may feel even more comforted knowing you chose a company that has a warranty on your chosen screen. Other features you may look for when selecting a company to install your security screen is: reputability, technician certification, license validation and addressing issues in a timely manner. To check the reputability, you can search review websites for the company you are considering. You can check the certification and license validation by requesting the documents from the company under consideration, and then, cross reference this by contacting the issuing authority of the certificate.