Dollhouse Games, Furniture And Styles

Dollhouse Furniture and Oak

Dollhouse furniture is all about making a miniature home and nothing looks as real as oak wood in miniatures. Its natural color is lighter and fits in well with a traditional or classical style dollhouse. Because of this lighter hue there are many bedroom sets, living room sets and other pieces that accent the fabric of the dollhouse furniture piece. Oak is a great pick for a traditional or modern dollhouse, but the material does lend itself to be used in most any style.

Making Sense of Quarter Inch Dollhouse Scales

Dollhouse manufacturers use scales to help you make sure you are buying the right sized items for your dollhouse. The most popular scale for both furniture and dollhouses is the 1 inch scale. All items at Dollhouse City are on this 1 inch scale unless the title of the item tells you it is on a or inch scale.

This furniture item has a quarter inch (1:48) scale. This means that one inch of dollhouse furniture is equivalent to four foot, or 48 inches, of furniture in real life. For example, a dollhouse dresser that is 1 inch tall represents a 4 foot tall real dresser. In other scales, such as 1 inch and half inch, different sizes would represent that same dresser. If your dollhouse uses a 1 inch scale, the height should be between 8 and 12 inches.

Heights between 4-6 inches use a half inch scale heights between 2-3 inches are on a quarter inch scale.

Dollhouse funiture Scales: Half Inch

Dollhouse scales tell you that you are buying the right sized furniture for your dollhouse. On this website, all furniture items are on a 1 inch scale unless the title of the item says otherwise.

Dollhouse scales show how many inches of dollhouse furniture correspond to a foot, or 12 inches, of real life furniture. So, a 3 inch dollhouse sofa represents a 6 foot real sofa. Other scales include the one inch (1:12) and quarter inch (1:48) scales.

A good way to determine which scale to use for your dollhouse is to measure the floor-to-ceiling height of your dollhouse. Heights from 8-12 inches translate to a 1 inch scale. Heights between 4-6 inches indicate a half inch scale heights between 2-3 inches indicate a quarter inch scale.

Dollhouse Furniture for the Outdoors

Displaying a few outdoor furniture pieces makes your dollhouse even more appealing. Items such as patio furniture and porch swings distinguish your dollhouse from typical ones, and show the pride in details you take. Also, outdoor items accent the beautiful exterior you worked so hard to create

Modern Dollhouse Furniture

There are many types and styles of dollhouse furniture and one of the newest designs is modern dollhouse furniture. This new modern dollhouse furniture design is almost identical replicas of many popular life size pieces. This style works well with any traditional or modern style dollhouse kit.

Great Porcelain Dollhouse Furniture

What is the first thing that you think about when you think of porcelain? The simple truth is china, and the reason is that porcelain was first discovered around the 600s in china. Because of its simple color and shine it has dominated dishware as the preferred choice. It has also worked its way into dollhouse furniture beautifully. The most common areas that porcelain is found in dollhouses is in the accessories and bathroom furniture kits.

Walnut Material for Dollhouse Furniture

Walnut wood grows very slowly and hence has a very colorful and strong grain. Its color is softer than mahogany and fits traditional dollhouses very well. It is seen in most bedroom and kitchen sets as the material of choice. Walnut’s characteristics also lend themselves well to dollhouse furniture because of its durable scratch resistant nature.