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Hiring a Professional Pest Control Service A pest control company may not be cheap to hire, but it will surely be worth the investment, especially when toxic chemicals are part of the required treatment. But with the great number of providers these days, how do you start looking? And how do you know you’ve found the right one for you? Seeking Recommendations As usual, asking for referrals from friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. is the best first step to take. Have at least three prospects and call them to inquire about their methods as well as their customer service policy. Also find out what types of services they provide, whether or not you will be provided with alternatives that are less toxic, and if these will be applied when suitable. Certainly, they must be licensed and registered, their workers must be certified, and the company must be insured. Site Inspection
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Most probably, the company will charge you a fee for inspecting your area, but they should provide written details of the problem, including the name of the specific pest that is causing it and how they plan to control it. The pesticide/s to be used must be stated as well, including how frequently inspections and treatment will be conducted, and how much the treatment plan will cost. On top of that, they must orient you on the safety issues that surround the product/s to be used, along with the necessary precautions, like protection of kids and pets.
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Studying the Proposed Treatment As you consider a pest control company, don’t forget to look into the long-term picture. A company that practices integrated pest management will propose changing the habitat or using baits and monitoring, instead of just spraying the area monthly or when the pest resurfaces. In an IPM program, certain pest management strategies may be included, like installing sweeps at the bottom of doors or changing the manner or timing of watering your yard. You should also consider your chemical tolerance. Determine the products to be applied, their active ingredients, and their effects on humans, pets and the environment overall. Also find out about specific legal requirements, if any, regarding precautions to be taking post application. Scrutinizing the Contract The contract must be clear on certain things, including identification of the pest problem, reasons why a certain treatment should be chosen, and what application techniques will be used. Above these, the contract should also indicate the company name, the planned treatment, a timeframe for the project, the price and a guarantee. A reliable pest control company will always have both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Lastly, check for additional details, such as potential exclusions, at the back of the contract.