Different Types Of Seating And Eating Arrangements

The dining room or the eating area of a home is really the center of the home. In about every culture, eating together is really where people bond, converse, and spend quality time together. In our busy society, it’s especially difficult to find time to slow down and get to know the people in our lives. Having a peaceful, well put-together area is one way that you can cultivate these relationships with the people in your family. Eating and cooking at home has also been linked to healthier relationships with food and better meal choices. Cooking at home can be a cheaper option than eating out and is less likely to fill you up with processed food. For all these reasons, setting up your ideal dining area with quality pieces from stores like Crowley furniture will give you a good environment and centered living experience.

The Traditional Dining Table and Chairs

The oldies are sometimes the goodies. Traditional wooden tables and chairs will always be a staple for many people’s homes. There are also modern spin-offs of these types of furniture. You can find dining sets that are made out of stainless steel and recycled barn wood that are sealed with a polymer so that the wood doesn’t give people splinters. You can also get dining sets made out of plastic, glass, or almost any other material you can think of. You will want to choose one based on how many people you will generally be entertaining. If you frequently have parties, go for more seating. If it will only be your small family, it’s best to keep things close and intimate so that you can get the most out of your meals together.

Bar-Height Dining Sets

One of the more popular dining set types is currently the bar-height variety. The difference in these types is that they are usually raised a foot or two above the normal level. These look good in homes with vaulted ceilings or those that have lots of empty space. The extra height can be nice if you’re on the taller side and frequently bump your knees into conventional tabletops. You might want to avoid these tables if you have a small dining area, as they can make it look even more constrained. If you have small children, this type of set might not be the best for you because they can be difficult for shorter people to climb on and off of. For the college student or young professional couple, however, these are a trendy option that can make your dining area look good.

Why Install a Bar on Your Counter or Island

You may also forgo the table option altogether. More and more people, especially if they have limited space in their kitchen or dining area available, are choosing to incorporate eating areas into places that are also used as cooking surfaces. If you are always cooking alone in the kitchen, things can get lonely. If you have friends sitting at the bar helping or just watching, it can make the whole evening more fun. Bars are also great for sitting and chatting over cocktails. If you already have a bar area, you can create an overhang with your countertop by cutting away some of the lower-countertop material. Put in some higher stools or chairs and you’re ready to go!

If you have a lot of walking space in your kitchen, you can also put in an island and seating options from stores like Crowley furniture to create a more centrally located bar. This can be great seating and dining space in addition to the table and chairs you already have, as people can pull up a seat for breakfast and less formal dining occasions.