Different Types Of Door Mats And Rugs

There are many different types of door mats available on the market today. You may not realize just how many different sizes, shapes and materials there are in the various mats. There are many used for this product that you may or may not be aware of. This item can be of huge help in keeping an interior location clean from the dirt and dust that would otherwise come inside on peoples feet and shoes. You may not be aware how much they really do make a difference.

A mat is a large piece of material that is flat. This could be made out of fabric or other material and is generally places on the floor or some other flat place. When it comes to door mats they would typically be flat and be placed on the floor or ground. The mats are generally of a rectangular shape and come in varying sizes. The sizes of the mats can vary greatly depending on the intended use of the item.

If you are purchasing a mat for a commercial application you would be able to find very large mats that you can choose from. The item is used just inside or just outside a doorway or entrance to a building of some sort or a home. Door mats are used to allow people to clean their feet or the bottom of their shoes off before entering the home or building. You might be surprised to know that a large percentage of the dust and dirt that ever gets inside a building or a home comes in from the outside by way of peoples feet or shoes. Foot traffic is the thing that causes the most problem in this area.

The mats are typically made out of some kind of durable fibers or some other material that is built to endure and last a long time. They might be made of rubber or nylon as well.

Sometimes they are even made of some type of metal such as aluminum. The different types of materials serve differently at times. The finer, fiber like materials might remove the finer dirt and dust from shoes while the rubber, nylon or metal may be aimed more toward removing the larger dirt and dust particles.

Some people refer to the mats as a welcome mat. This is because it may sit at the front entrance to “welcome” people to the home or business that they are entering. The mats can serve as a friendly gesture to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable.