Differences between commercial washing machines and industrial washing machines

The washing machine must be cleaned with water and chemicals to clothing, bedding and towels with mechanical, thermal and electrical energy. Washing machines are designed and built in two configurations, front loaders and top loaders. The top-loading design makes the clothing in a vertical basket. This container is perforated in a water bath kept down with an agitator in the bottom f the container. The tub with water and the agitator is filled moves, pull the clothes their paddles, then the laundry moves outward and upward. Top loader washing machines are not large objects, or to wash delicate fabrics recommended. Top-loader washing machines are popular in the U.S., Canada, Australia and some areas of Europe.

The front loading design places the container placed horizontally in the tub, a glass door at the front of the machine is designed to load the laundry. The movement is front and back, the clothes are lifted and dropped, and this movement is to force water and chemical solution to pass through clothing. This type of washing machine is easier than the top loaders, but we must remember that his door has hermetically during the wash to keep the water inside. Front loader washing machines are becoming popular in Europe and the Middle East.

There are commercial washing machines and industrial washing machines, commercial washing machines are designed for long-term use and are installed in long rows with a wide access passageway to facilitate maintenance works. Commercial washing machines are used from the public, are installed in accessible Laundry. To accept cash and card reader devices are installed on commercial washing machines, computer controlled commercial washers offer complete control over the wash and rinse cycles.

Industrial washing machinesare designed for heavy abuse textiles cleaning and processing. Its capacity is very large and the tasks are really hard to like fabric bleaching and dyeing. Industrial washing machines are mounted on shock absorbers or hydraulic cylinder.

A conventional top-loading washing machine whirlpool, cleans well, it is easy to use, the price is really accessible, and valued at $ 400. Kenmore Elite uses a single large wash dishes, clothes around the tub to move, it is less noisy than in many other washing machines and extracted more water from clothes, reducing drying time, cleans well, cuts energy costs but is more expensive: $ 1000. LG Tromm Steam Washer is a front loading washing machine, it washes better, consume less water and detergent and less energy. This type of front-loading washing machine has two steam cycles, it is designed to prepare clothes for ironing, and the other cleans it, reducing the odor. The rice is higher: $ 1,600.

Other famous brands washing machine Beko, Indesit, Matsui, Samsung, Zanussi, Candy, White Knight, Electrolux, Ariston and Hoover. Delicate Blue Touch from Whirlpool is a good choice because it offers a new technology for the care of delicate fabrics. The design is attractive, easy to use control panel, the technology allows the user to very good results with a short time to get minimal water and energy consumption. Delicate Blue Touch has a blue LCD display for the wash-status, the user is to be updated over time, the current program, wash temperature and spin speed. It is the perfect washing machine of today.

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