Designer Dog Breeds Offer Special Hope for Those With Allergies and Other Specific Needs

Survey after survey shows that golden retrievers are among the most admired and liked of all purebred dogs. Unfortunately, for many families, they are not an option, as they require more exercise than most breeds and can also inflame allergies. Because of that, breeders in the United States and elsewhere have worked hard for years to create new lines of dogs that combine the retriever’s many desired characteristics with others that make them easier to keep.

The goldendoodle is the result of one such family of efforts. Originally bred in order to try to satisfy the needs of blind people with allergies, these dogs quickly found fans among the public at large. Goldendoodle Puppies are produced by breeding pure-bred golden retrievers with poodles of various sorts, the latter being selected mostly because of their hypoallergenic coats.

In practice, goldendoodles can serve as excellent pets for a wide variety of families. Not every such dog bears the poodle-like coat that avoids inflicting allergic reactions on those who suffer from them, however. Instead, only those that pick up a particular gene from their poodle parent have this characteristic, which is an important consideration for many who think about getting them as pets. Most breeders of the dog, are well aware of such issues, and will work with families to help them pick out the puppy that is most appropriate for their particular situation.

In addition to selecting puppies based on coat type, those who consider bringing them into their homes should also spend enough time with them to get an idea as to their temperaments. Again, these can vary quite a bit, with both parental influences and individual variation contributing to the final result. Virtually every such dog, however, will be sweet-tempered and loyal, qualities that are so fundamental to the contributing breeds that little can cause an individual to fail to acquire them.

Dogs of this sort also tend to be intelligent, a characteristic that is thought to descend more from the poodle side of their lineage. This fact makes them relatively easy to train, a facility that also contributes to them making excellent pets for many people.