Decorating With Wall Mirrors: Ideas To Get You Started

When choosing wall art, many people pick paintings or family photos, but hanging unique wall mirrors can be a great way to add personality to a space. Using wall mirrors as decor is also a good way to make spaces in your home seem larger and more open. Depending on the style of mirrors chosen and how they are arranged on the wall, they can also be an easy way to update and modernize any style of decor. Because there are so many different options available, figuring out what kind of mirrors to use and where to find them can be overwhelming.

If you want to make a room appear more spacious, 3-5 tall, uniform mirrors arranged flush against each other can have an opening effect in any room. Another way to give the illusion of more space is to arrange mirrors of roughly the same size and shapes in tight clusters. Choosing mirrors with frames that are a similar color to the wall they are hung on will make the area seem even larger. For a playful, eclectic take on things, mixing a variety of different styles and frame colors can make for a playful, chic look. Sunburst mirrors are particularly striking, as well as mirrors with frames in bold, unexpected colors like coral or robin’s egg blue. Mirrors in varying shapes, sizes, and a mix of finishes such as distressed wood or polished silver can be mixed to create a completely unique arrangement. Minimalist geometric mirrors in highly polished metallic frames instantly make a room feel modern and futuristic.

Finding interesting mirrors to decorate with does not have to be expensive. A good way to find some really special pieces is to shop yard sales and flea markets. Antique stores are also a great place to search. Even if you find something with a beat-up frame, consider how you might be able to alter it. Distressing frames with sandpaper or a fresh coat of bright paint can transform an old mirror into something just right for your home. An antique mirror with a brass filigree frame can be instantly updated by painting over the filigree for a shabby-chic look. Adding embellishments like brightly colored aquarium stones or twigs onto a frame is also a fun way to create a wall mirror that is truly unique. Do not be afraid to experiment with different ideas and let your personality shine.