Decorating Tips From The Modern Seating Experts

A well decorated home is one in which your family and guests feel welcomed, relaxed and at ease. Unless you are an interior designer, you could probably use some advice as to how to achieve the look you are going for. At Madison Seating, we have just the tips and advice you are looking for, as well as the seating and accessories you will need to attain your home decorating goals.

Everyone these days watches decorating shows. So, you probably already know not to clutter your room with unneeded furniture, knick knacks or junk. When it comes to modern, sleek looks, less is more. If you’ve been doing your homework, you probably also know not to paint your walls too dark or choose furniture which is too large for your space. Your family and guests probably will not enjoy feeling like they are in a cave rather than a warm and welcoming home.

So, now that you know the basic rules, let’s get down to business. You must choose a motif. The furniture you choose should blend well with the furniture you already own. Popular pieces now are glider chairs, bar stools, modern love seats and modern sofas in black, white and neutral fabrics with lots of metal accents. At Madison Seating, they have a wide selection of indoor, outdoor, office and home office furniture with modern designs that blend well with any motif.

The best way to decide the placement of your furniture is to follow the basic rules of Feng Shui. Position your furniture so that you have an optimal view of your entry way. If this just isn’t working well for you, try either hanging or leaning one of Madison Seating’s large mirrors up against your entryway’s opposing wall in order to reflect your entryway to your guests. Doing so gives the illusion of more space, brings more light into your room and gives and added sense of security.

Other great decorating tips are to place your furniture not more than 3 feet together. When sitting down on your new modern sofa or glider chair from Madison Seating, pictures and frequently used items should be placed as close to eye level as possible. If you are hanging large pieces of artwork, always remember to place them over large pieces of furniture. Above all else, remember to arrange your rooms with comfort, accessibility, and warmth in mind.

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