Decorate Your Home With Vase Centerpieces

Vases are essential accessories in most households. The practice of using them as decorative pieces goes all the way back to ancient history. Although the style of vases has evolved through the ages, their use as flower holders remains even to this modern day. In fact, you will seldom see homes nowadays without a vase centerpiece in either the living room center table or the dining table itself. Its actually not that difficult to decorate your home with these attractive furniture pieces.

Before deciding what vases youre going to use as centerpieces, keep in mind the three factors to consider when choosing one. These three factors are shape, size, and color. You will also want to consider the type of material the vase is made of whether its glass, wood, metal, ceramic, or even plastic. Dont pick a vase in random but ask yourself first whether its going to blend with the interior of your home or not.

While all vases may be used to hold flowers, not all types of flower will look good on a certain type of vase. Some vases have wide openings while do not. Some are round-shaped and others shaped as tall cylinders. Consider the figure of the vase when choosing what type of flowers to use. For vases that have wide openings, consider putting in large flowers such as hydrangea and lilies. For narrow-shaped vases, consider long-stemmed sunflowers and rose buds.

Sometimes, vases look more attractive when you place other secondary decorative vases beside or near it. You dont have to fill these secondary vases with flowers. Fill them instead with other attractive pieces such as small decorative buttons, stones, seashells, and colorful marbles. Ornamental elements such as twigs, ferns, and dried leaves can also make perfect fills for transparent vases.

How you arrange your vase is as important as how you decorate it. There are various styles of arranging vases depending on the theme of your choice. You can go for a contemporary look by arranging four to five vases with similar shapes in a straight line, or achieve a romantic theme by setting up scented and colorful candles with your vase centerpiece.

There is certainly no need for you to spend some cash by purchasing new vases. Simply make use of antique vases you have at home and decorate them to achieve the look you desire. By combining your imagination and inventiveness, you can sure create something that is simple yet elegant and attractive to the eyes.