Daybeds And Daybed Covers Add To Any Decor

With the renewed popularity of daybeds, folks are finding that decorator daybed covers can add to any room decor. Daybed covers are a great way to transform any daybed into more than just extra sleeping space. Whether your daybed is plain, fancy or somewhere in between, daybed covers to change the look and feel of the daybed or the entire room.

Whether you prefer a more traditional look or the fun and fancy of retro shabby chic, new patterns and fabrics make daybed decorating easy. Many daybed cover sets include the cover or comforter, bed sheets and matching pillow shams. Some daybed cover sets will include a dust ruffle. Like the dust ruffle for a traditional bed, the dust ruffle or skirt wraps around the base of the daybed.

Many people forget that daybeds have been around in one form or another for many years. Not just a piece of accent furniture, daybeds were once as common as the modern sofa. Today, daybeds are great way to provide extra sleeping space for a guest, as well as a place to curl and relax.

Like any type of household linen, the fabric choices for decorator daybed covers are quite varied. Daybed covers can be found in traditional fabrics like cotton, cotton blends and polyester. Fabrics made from renewable fiber sources like hemp and bamboo are becoming a popular alternative to cotton and polyester.

Cotton and cotton polyester blends are easy to care for and relatively inexpensive. Fabrics from eco friendly fibers such as hemp and bamboo have advantages over more traditional fabric blends. Regardless of the fabric type, there are some basic things to look for when choosing a daybed cover set.

Most fabrics are made in a similar way and for the consumer one of the most important indicators of quality and comfort is thread count. Thread count is determined by measuring the number of threads per square inch. Quality bed linens, including daybed covers, have a thread count of at least two hundred. Higher thread counts mean more comfort and durability. Thread counts of four hundred and higher can have a silky feel that is quite luxurious. Naturally, daybed cover sets with higher thread counts will cost more but the added comfort may be well worth the extra cost.

Fabrics made from bamboo fibers are the latest in eco friendly fabrics derived from renewable sources. Bamboo grows prolifically and when the fibers are spun into thread, the resulting fabric can be as soft as the finest cotton. Like high thread count fabrics, daybed cover sets produced from bamboo can be more expensive though bamboo is extremely durable.

In a perfect blending of technology and earth friendly fibers, daybed cover sets have Fabrics made from renewable fibers are often made using non chemical fabric dyes that are derived from plant sources like indigo and soy beans. Like many aspects of our modern life, todays fabric patterns are limited only by the imagination. Computer aided design capabilities give designers some very powerful tools in developing fun and fancy patterns that are suitable for any room decor. Whether its fun print patterns for kids or the country look of cottage patchwork there is sure to be a fabric pattern right for you.

As with any bed linen, be sure to read over the manufacturers fabric care label before cleaning your day bed cover set. The same fabrics and styles that are machine washable may need to be line dried instead of placed in the hot air of a clothes dryer. Properly caring for your daybed cover set will protect your investment and give you years of comfort.