CusZoom Pool Tables – Crafted to Customer Specifications and Satisfaction

CusZoom Pool Tables ” Crafted To Customer Specifications and Satisfaction

Nevada, U.S, April 06, 2009 – CusZoom is one of the most respected names in the pool table business. It reputation rests on four pillars quality, price, delivery, and customization. While all of these are important, the company often finds that it is the ability to customize the pool table exactly to their requirements that gives the greatest pleasure to the customer.

CusZoom offers fully customizable all hardwood, fine furniture, quality pool tables with dining table tops and matching chairs that can not just fit into any decor but complement it. The customer is given the option of choosing the cabinet, rail, and leg style he or she wants, in addition to the type of finish that will be given to the cabinet, the color of the pockets and felt. And the choice on offer is huge. Looking at the various permutations and combinations that may be chosen, the customer has a choice of over 920,000 different permutations that may be created.

Once CusZoom receives the details of what levels of customization the customer wants, the pool table, dining table top and chairs are manufactured exactly to the customer’s specifications and shipped to his door.

The customer experience is not just limited to an incredible amount of customization. CusZoom offers the customer unmatched levels of assembly, convenience, and long term quality.

The cabinet is delivered in a pre assembled form. The pre assembly is done in the factory so that the customer is assured of a perfectly squared off pool table. Additionally, the pre assembled cabinet saves the customer a great deal of both time and effort, making the assembly a simple process with little, if any chance, of any mistakes being made. CusZoom believes that pool, should be a fun activity for the whole family. That means the experience should not begin with a complicated and frustrating assembly.

As for strength and durability, CusZoom customized pool tables are made so that the cabinet is supported by not one, but two center beams and two cross beams. The CusZoom design of the two center beams that interlock with the cross beams provides their pool tables with an incredible amount of strength. The four support beams are attached to the cabinet with interlocking “U” shaped hardwood brackets. This design ensures that the pool table is not only stable but that the slate gets the maximum support to ensure a level playing surface. Additionally the extra support provided by the two center and two cross beams means that there is minimum stress on the slate, ensuring that the life of the pool table is maximized.

CusZoom pool tables are made from the best furniture quality hardwood that is hand finished by expert craftsmen to create not just a great pool table but a beautiful piece of furniture. This is enhanced by the special grand piano finish that both protects the wood from nicks and scratches and also deepens in luster and shine as time passes.
And to round it all off and provide the customer with an assurance that they are buying the best that there is, CusZoom custom pool tables come with a lifetime warranty.

Sincerely the CusZoom Pool Tables Team

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