Contentmart Requires Quality Content Writers From Bangalore

About Us

Contentmart is a content marketplace that operates with a primary goal – connecting quality content writers with those who need their services.

Contentmart is hiring

Contentmart is willing to have on board enthusiastic freelancers from Bangalore who believe they have it in them to be the perfect wordsmith that others are looking for. We have openings for online writing jobs including copywriting, article writing, blog writing, freelance writing etc. We are looking for creative individuals who have good research and writing skills and can help us create informative and engaging pages for our clients.

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Do you have these skills in you?

Originality in writing, sound understanding of different topics and flexibility to adapt to stringent deadlines are the additional traits. These individuals should demonstrate their ability to write compelling content, judge their target audience wisely and create content that can keep the audience engaged and well informed. Usage of effective key words is highly desired as the content should rank high in various search engines. Credibility and authenticity of the content are imperative for driving customer loyalty towards the website. The content has to retain its originality and uniqueness to spark user interest such that users find them engaging and are willing to share them with other colleagues and friends. It should be rich enough to educate people and empower them to make well informed decisions. We expect the content writers to upgrade themselves constantly and keep up with the latest developments in the field. Revisions might be required as per client discretion. Ability to write both creative and technical content will give you the edge over others. Appealing taglines, convincing case studies and easy to relate article writing will be key differentiators.

How do you get started?

Our user friendly interface makes it convenient for you to connect with the buyers easily, sort orders by area of interest and associated pay along with the order completion timelines.  Post selection, you can place a bid on an order. Once selected, you will get a confirmation stating that the order has been granted and the deadline by which the order needs to be completed. Once the completed order has been accepted, you are awarded with a rating for your timeline adherence and content quality. A good rating acts as a booster for attracting more orders in future. Also, you get an opportunity to work with the same client again if the client is happy with the quality of work. If you have an inherent flair for writing, remarkable eye for detail, effective storytelling capability and want the flexibility of having an added source of income within the comfort of your home, then ‘Contentmart’ is the right platform for you. Please contact us immediately if you want to embark on an enriching career with online writing.