Comparing Nanny Cams To Home Surveillance Systems

Nanny cams are a viable product that allows parents to monitor their children when they are away from home. This is beneficial for parents who are apprehensive about leaving their children with caregivers. The product allows them to acquire a direct feed from the cameras onto their mobile phone or devices that come with the product. However, couldn’t a home surveillance system perform the same tasks more economically?

Comparing Nanny Cams to Home Surveillance Systems

While home security and surveillance systems perform similar tasks, they don’t allow parents to acquire the same level of control as the nanny cams. In comparison, each of these products allows for a WiFi connection that enables you to see all areas of your property in which a camera is installed. With connecting video conferencing software; it is possible for you to communicate with your child through home-based connections.

What is the Difference?

The nanny cams are equipped with the communication software and capabilities without acquiring more products. The complete package allows you to use your mobile phone or devices to access the communication software. With the connections to the security system, the caregiver would need to accept the incoming call. You don’t have this limitation with the nanny cams. You press a button, and you are speaking to your child immediately.

What are the Drawbacks?

Since the nanny cam operates through a WiFi connection, you cannot access the surveillance-style feeds when the connection is out. However, with a surveillance system, you could record all areas of the property at any given time. You don’t need a WiFi connection for records on-site. You could also use hidden cameras to acquire recordings of areas in which your caregiver isn’t aware. For apprehensive parents, this could give them peace of mind when the WiFi connection goes out.

Parents who are researching the benefits of each option learn that both are viable choices. However, the nanny cams offer more features than standard surveillance. Parents who travel often for their job could benefit greatly from these products as they can connect to their children and watch over them from anywhere. To learn more about these products, visit