Comfort Can Be Found For Large Dogs Online

Dogs are man’s best friend; not just small cuddly dogs, but big, slobbering, lumbering dogs, too. And, as such, they deserve the creature comforts of home, including sizable beds for them to sleep in at night,too. There are a number of options for pet beds for the small to medium sized pet such as a pug or poodle, but when your dog gets on up there in weight and length, such as Saint Bernards, Mastiffs and Great Danes, it must be said that sizism does exist, especially in the dog bed market. So, what’s a large pet owner to do? Shop online!

Online, you will find there are big dog bed beds and there are huge Dog beds. A big dog bed is one that is approximately 48×36 and will comfortably sleep a good-sized Golden Retriever. Now by anyone’s standards, a Golden is a large a sized dog, but it’s no Irish Wolfhound. A quality bed to suit your Golden Retriever or a Lab should be made out of a poly cotton twill with some sort of removable sheepskin cover (probably faux) for warmth. While it should be removable for cleaning purposes, for the sake of the washing machine, do not simply remove it and throw it in the machine, as the hair is sure to clog up mechanisms. Vacuum it first before washing it.

For the even larger dog, the considerate dog owner should consider going with a 52″ bed, the King size version of a dog mattress. This oversized bed is made to fit even the largest of breeds. These beds truly are essential for any dog, keeping them off of the cold floor on winter nights, so he too can stay nice and warm like any other member of the family. Especially as an older dog ages, keeping his hips and joints comfortable is important to his overall health.

One other consideration when shopping around for pet beds is to make sure they have a waterproof base, as accidents, unfortunately do happen. Furthermore, take into consideration the cost of shipping in the total cost of the product. Shop around for those online stores which offer free or reduced shipping with their orders of a certain dollar amount. While your local pet store may be sizist snobs, you can find the large dog beds your pet deserves online.