Cleaning Wood Floor Useful Tips

Wood floors are no doubt attractive. But the appeal and attraction can only be retained through proper care of wooden floors. Wood floor cleaning and maintenance do have some specific ways. You have to follow them to continue with the gloss and durability of the same wooden floor year after year.

Measures to be followed

What is the purpose of cleaning the wooden floor regularly? Is it just keeping away dirt and dust? In case of wooden floor, it’s something more than these. Wooden floors have a tendency to lose its shine and pick up scratch marks with a bit of heavy wear and tear. Again it is very much affected by moisture. Thus apart from dust, wooden floors have to be protected from scratches and moisture.

Place carpets and rugs on the wooden floor. Plushy carpets not only add to the beautification of your home decor but also act as protective shield of the floor. Now covering the floor with rugs doesn’t mean you will wrap the entire floor in it. Then what attraction will the wooden floor carry if it is already enveloped?

Carpet can be placed on the central floor. Keep rest of the floor as it is but use protector pads beneath every chair and other furniture. The formation of scratches on the floor can be thus prohibited. Similarly if you are used to wearing high heels, they should be in perfect conditions. If worn out, they will create marks on the wood floor. Keep the pets under control and regularly trim the nails of their paws. Only then you should allow them to run on the wood floor.

Cleaning tools and techniques

The cleaning procedure will definitely comprise vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Be careful about the use of floor cleaners. There are many brands available in the market and for publicity each of them comes up with catchy ads. As a consumer you will easily be swayed away by the highlighting features. But it is always a better choice to use a floor cleaner as suggested to you by the wood floor company. Check out that the wood floor cleaner is not an ammonia product.

Mopping dust is essential but you must conduct it with a dry method. The mop if wet will spoil the wood floor with moisture content. If the wood floor has a urethane or a polyurethane covering, never wax it in the name of floor cleaning. There will be chemical reaction and the floor will get damaged.

These are among the simplest tips you can easily follow to keep the wood floor clean. After all it is for something you really care about.