Cleaning Wood Floor Tricks

When you walk into a home, you will likely notice the color of the walls and ceiling and how well the floor fits with the room. But did you know that the floor type, especially a wood floor, can add ten times the value to a home over a trendy color of paint on the wall? Eventually you’ll probably sell your home and the investment you’ve made in your wood floors, both in money and time, will be returned.

If you’re used to carpet and this is your first wood floor you’ve had to care for, you will likely notice how often it needs cleaningmuch more often than carpeted floors. It doesn’t attract dirt or dust more than carpet, it just has no where to go, unlike those handy fibers in the carpet. It doesn’t get dirtier, you just see it more. This is one reason wood floors are better for those with allergies than carpet.

The first tool you will need for cleaning wood floors is a broom and dustpan (FULLER Angle Broom or FULLER Household Broom and FULLER Upright Dustpan). Sweeping daily is not unheard of with a wood floor.

The second tool you will need for your floor is a mop. Depending on your preference, good mop choices include spatter mops and sponge mops (FULLER Spatter Mop or the FULLER Sponge Mop). Use the mop of your choice to soak up any liquid spills as soon as they occur. Wood floors, especially unsealed wood floors, will warp and stain very quickly if fluids are allowed to stand. When you mop with a wet mop, make sure the mop is rung out well.

You will also need just a couple cleaning chemicals. If your floor is unfinished wood flooring, you’ll want a mild, non-oil soap (FULLER Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish). For sealed wood floors or laminate wood flooring, you should purchase products specifically made for wood floors or multi-floor cleaners (Wood Floor Cleaner and Polish or FULLER Multi-Floor Cleaner). For those unexpected scuffs, scratches and tough stains, however, you might need to look into a cleaner designed for those difficult problems (FULLER Wood Floor Easy Clean Mist).

Some steel wool and a polisher (FULLER D.C. Polisher) will also come in handy.

Sweep as often as needed, even daily
Use a mop to get up wet spills as quickly as possible
Mop with a barely damp mop and cleaner as needed
Clean up exceptionally tough spots using one of the processes below

Even if you have taken great care to prevent water marks, furniture marks and sun bleaching, you will likely find blemishes on your wood floor from time to time.

To remedy heel marks, water stains, scuffs from dragged furniture, cigarette burns, ink stains and dark spots, use a mild soap formulated for hardwood floors (FULLER Wood Floor Easy Clean Mist) and steel wool. Apply a small amount of soap, rub with the steel wool and rinse with water, and then dry completely.

Chewing gum and wax can be removed by placing ice in a zipper-sealed bag filled with ice on the effected area for about 20 minutes. Deposits then become brittle and should break off. Multiple ice treatments may be necessary if the gum or wax area is large. Once the mass is gone, treat with a mild hardwood floor soap (FULLER Wood Floor Easy Clean Mist) and a damp cloth. Dry completely.