Cleaning Hard Wood Floor Why And How

There are many reasons to choose hardwood floor as your floor covering.

Wood doesn’t trap fumes or dust like carpet.
Mold and staining are not problems for wood, like tile grout.
You can easily and cost-efficiently change the entire look of a wood floor from time to time with stains, paints and inlays.
There is no depreciation on a wood floor. In fact, it usually increases the resale value of a home.
Wood flooring is the best choice for the environment. Production is cleaner than alternatives.
Wood is more energy efficient. The cellular structure of wood traps air, giving it superior insulating properties. It takes 15 inches of concrete to equal the insulation qualities of just one inch of wood.

Once you’ve made the wise choice to add wood flooring to your home, you will want to care for it to keep it as beautiful as the day it was laid. Cleaning can be a daily chore because you’ll notice dirt and dust is more visible than it was with carpet or tile. Without an inch of fiber and grout depressions, soil has no place to go.

Cleaning hard wood floors requires very few tools or chemicals. Sweeping or vacuuming the entire surface every day is a great place to start. Dirt and dust act like sandpaper on your floor, creating scratches and nicks that can eventually require a professional to fix.

If you choose to vacuum, choose one that has either a special hard wood floor attachment or use the bristle attachment. The rotating beater head of a regular upright vacuum can dent your floor.

Sweeping regularly can extend the life of your wood floor by years. If you choose to sweep, choose a soft bristled broom (Household Broom by FULLER). You’ll need a dustpan as well. Choose one with a rubber edge so it won’t scratch the floor when you pick up the dirt and dust.

The only other tool necessary for cleaning your hardwood floor is a mop. A sponge mop or spatter mop, (FULLER Spatter Mop or the FULLER Sponge Mop), will do the trick. You will want to mop up any wet spills as soon as they occur to prevent warping and fluid stains on the floor.

Occasionally you might find it necessary to mop your floor to get up spots or just to freshen the sheen of your floor. A mild soap specially formulated for hardwood floors is best. Oil based soaps can leave a film on an unfinished or unsealed floor, making future treatments much more extensive and expensive. Therefore, it is important to choose a cleaner designed specifically for wood floors (FULLER, Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish).

Whether you choose hardwood floors for style, the added value to your home or for the energy efficiency, you will enjoy them long term by spending just a little time invested in their care. Quick, simple and non-toxic attention will help ensure you get to enjoy your hard wood floors for many years.