Choosing the Right Design for a Bronze Grave Marker

The decision to make funeral and burial arrangements in advance is a smart one. Doing so makes it possible to complete arrangements that are to the liking of the individual, and also pay for them in advance. When the plan is to choose a grave marker that is made of bronze, it pays to look at different designs. Here are some tips that will help.

Understanding the Concept of a Bronze Gravestone

When people think of gravestones, they tend to think of granite or marble as the materials of choice. That leaves them to wonder just exactly what a bronze gravestone is and what it would look like. The truth is that bronze offers the same durability as granite, and can be fashioned into any shape or size that the client prefers. Even when it comes to the engraving, the process is just as easy.

Choosing a Design

A good place to begin with bronze grave marker designs is to check with the owner of the cemetery in which the client purchases the burial plot. Some owners have very broad guidelines that must be followed, such as no monuments over a certain height. Others are more exacting in what is considered appropriate. By obtaining those guidelines, it is easier to consider options that are in line with what is expected by the cemetery owners. That will save the family a great deal of time and frustration on the back end.

What About the Engraving?

Along with the birth and death years, the client may want to include the exact birth and death dates. Adding a nickname along with the full name is often a good idea. There is the option of including a quotation that has some relevance to the person who will one day be interred in that grave. A passage of scripture, a quote from a favorite book, or possibly even a saying that the person often works into the conversation are all appropriate choices.

Choosing a bronze headstone in advance is one more way to provide care for those who are left behind. Along with those other advance arrangements, taking care of the headstone means they have one less decision to make at a time when they feel the least capable of making decisions. See it as a means of giving loved ones one last gift, one that they will appreciate for many years to come.