Choosing the Right Deck Contractor for Your Project

Proud homeowners love their decks and patios. Lately, outdoor spaces have become more like outdoor living rooms and they are getting the same deluxe design treatment as the interior of homes. A deck or a patio is often a very visible addition to your home, and it can add to the home’s value. That’s why choosing deck contractors is much like selecting a contractor for any other remodeling job.

The first step is to decide what you have in mind for your deck or patio project. Does your existing wooden deck need some repairs and refinishing or does it need to be totally rebuilt? Do you want to level your backyard and install a slate patio complete with a fire pit and outdoor kitchen, or do you just need your existing concrete patio spruced up? The scope of your project will help guide you towards the correct contractor for you.
Once you have an idea for the scope of the project you can begin to seek out deck contractors. To begin, you’ll want to ask for recommendations, search online, and look at local ads and listing. You’ll want to draw up a list of possible deck contractors. Once you have that long list, you’ll need to start to narrow it down. Here are some guidelines for finding a reputable professional in your area.

– Are decks and patios their specialty? Do they specialize in repairing existing decks and patios or have they done projects involving new construction?

– Can you get in touch with them easily? No one wants to hire a contractor and then realize they can never reach them. Does your deck contractor have a professional office, an admin staff, or a real phone number – and not just their cell phone? Is your contractor a good communicator? Especially if you’re designing a new deck or patio, your contractor needs to be someone who asks you questions and answers your questions fully. Do they seem to know what they’re talking about? Are you comfortable with them? Remember you’re likely be spending a fair amount of time and money with your deck contractor, so you’ll want to find one you can get along with.

– Get complete bids that truly compare apples to apples. Are all the bids you receive covering the same design and same materials? You don’t want to accept one bid for your brick patio because of the unbelievable price only to realize the contractor quoted a price based on using concrete.

– Check references. Reputable deck contractors will show you completed work or work in progress.

– Make sure your deck contractor is fully licensed and insured.

– Expect to pay a reasonable deposit. Most deck contractors will ask for a deposit once the sale is made but before work is started.

-If you’re unsure of the design you want, choosing a deck contractor that also specializes in design will be best for you.

Using simple common sense and the guidelines above should help you select a patio or deck contractor who will give you the outdoor space of your dreams.