Choosing Candles With A Lead Free Wick That Burn Much More Cleanly

Candles have a way of providing a warm glow to any room and they are available in a wide variety of scents. Many prefer to purchase a Made in the USA soy candle. These candles feature a lead free wick which is safer and they burn so much more cleanly. Candles are the perfect item to help one to relax and to enjoy the greatest scents available. They also make wonderful gifts that can be enjoyed for quite some time. The average four ounce candle burns for approximately 25-30 hours. Some candles are sold in gift sets with assorted scents and this is a great way to try new and exciting scents.

Many people loved the themed gift sets that are available. A Christmas gift set consists of three candles in the scents of Ginger Bread, Candy Cane and Christmas Tree. A baby shower themed trio consists of baby powder, baby shampoo and first blanket. The coffee house set includes hazelnut, coffee bean and Chai tea. Another fabulous set is the spa day trio which consists of lemongrass, green tea and cucumber. All of these sets are priced under thirty dollars and they each have a lot to offer to the recipient.

A lot of people love the fact that these candles burn so smoothly and that they don’t cause headaches when the candle is blown out. Soy is known for being much cleaner and there is no soot involved. It is a cleaner and since it is made in the USA, it is a product that you can feel great about purchasing. It is a lot of fun to try all of the different scents that are available. Since each person has unique tastes, there is literally something for everyone and this includes men. The Man Cave set consists of scents such as leather, straight razor and mahogany.

Candles are the perfect gift or they are also a great treat for the one who purchases them. Soy candles with lead free wicks are highly recommended. They are cleaner and safer than traditional candles and it is even better if they are made in the United States.