Choosing Area Rugs For Every Room

This article describes which types of rugs suite different rooms the best, from size to the best ways of laying them out. While no rule is standard, following certain guidelines will make sure you find the right rug soon, and enjoy what it adds to your home immensely.
The Living Room
Living rooms gain a mountain of appeal with the addition of an area rug, and are probably the first room you will want to furnish. Hand tufted rugs and natural materials make a very elegant choice, and are easily the most resilient. Rugs that are resistant to fire and heat are a great option for near a fireplace.
The Dining Room
Dining rooms often have more activity than living rooms, and can require both subtle ambience and lively character. A rug here should be large enough to go around the dining table, and should not be so narrow, that chairs slip off it when slid back. Woollen rugs offer great durability too making them the first choice for the dining room.
The Bedroom
A few options exist for the bedroom, and all accomplish different things. In smaller bedrooms, a large rug covering most of the floor area might be all that is needed. In larger rooms such as a master bedroom, multiple rugs might accentuate the space better. Besides around beds, smaller rugs can be placed under each piece of furniture, to induce some separation. Thick woven rugs will suite this area most as they provide excellent warmth underfoot.
Kids Room or Nursery
Childrens rugs come in the most exciting shapes and colours of all, and are perfect to furnish nurseries and Kids rooms with. Kids Rugs ambiance are a great way to build on when furnishing new rooms, and can suggest which colours to paint walls with. Placing smaller rugs bedside and under desks will suite these rooms better than a single large rug.
Kitchen and Outdoors
Kitchens naturally appear to be warm, cozy places and a rug will greatly accentuate this. Large rugs tend to work best here too. A thick rug will greatly reduce strain on the feet, for those who stand in the kitchen for long periods at a time. Outdoor rugs are specially designed to be robust, and easy to clean. If the rug is to be placed exposed to tough weather, pick a high-piled one that is not likely to rot or shed. Polyester and other synthetic materials are great choices for most outdoor settings.
Different homes will require different planning, and some may need custom-made rugs ideally. Many smaller rugs may be used as accents in doorways and under sinks or furniture. The best way to know which rug to place where is to try it out for yourself, right before you buy.