Chic Kitchen Decorating On A Budget

Have you redecorated your kitchen lately? If it has been a while since you have you may be ready for a change. The key to creating a chic kitchen is in the floor plan. There are four different types of kitchen layouts:

There are four different types of floor plans: Galley: this is when the appliances face each other L-shape: This is where the appliances are perpendicular U-shape: this is where the kitchen is carefully arranged on three walls G-shape: this is where the kitchen counters make a u-shape

If you don’t have one of these designs in your kitchen you may be stuck buying a few new kitchen towels instead of creating a difference in your kitchen.

You may want to find an interior decorator that can give you a couple of hours for a consultation at a low rate. What can a professional decorate do to help? a professional decorator can help you plan where you should place things and how to get the most out of your space.

Every designer has their favorite inexpensive tool paint. This is the best way to transform your kitchen without stripping the earth of a few trees. First, check out your kitchen ceiling. Does it look greasy and yellow? You may want to don the rubber gloves and clean it up until you get all the grease off. Now paint the ceiling white. You would be so surprised at how fast it brightens up.

Now what color do you want the walls? Because different colors affect humans you may want to choose carefully. Remember that warm colors like red, yellow, and orange can increase the appetite. Blue may decrease the appetite but it is used as an accessory. Black and white colors can give you a contemporary look or a Victorian look. The details is what makes the difference.

You want to also consider a rug that is of good quality. Try using a low-pile rug with a cushioned back. This will save on your back when you are cooking. Choose a bright color to help blend in the scheme.

One of the most impressive kitchen changes is to replace the hardware on the cabinets. Going for a Contemporary look? Then choose brushed nickel. If it’s a vintage style you want, consider antique brass. The trick to replacing old hardware is to count the pulls and knobs accurately and set your budget accordingly. Hardware expense can easily get out of hand if you’re not diligent.

Lighting is the next makeover than can do a kitchen proud. There’s no need to stick with that fluorescent fixture that makes both you and your food look washed-out and wimpy. So many trendy or traditional kitchen fixtures are available these days that you can spend many a happy hour simply going through them before you make a choice. Track lighting works well with a Contemporary look, while a fluted glass shade over natural-light bulbs can give a vintage look. Some people even take the plunge and opt for a chandelier!

If you cannot afford to replace all your cabinetry then consider making the old ones new again. Take off the doors to your cabinets and sand them down to take off the old finish. Then use sand paper to remove the old look and repaint them. Now your kitchen is perfect