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7 Tips For A Successful Home Security Audit Something that everyone is looking forward to is to prepare a strategy that is going to secure their property from burglars while keeping your personal belongings and family safe. There are several aspects of property and personal based security measures that you could integrate to your plan as part of security strategy that you are preparing. On the other hand, evaluating the situation from an unbiased point of view is very important before you build a security plan. It’ll be recommended if you are going to conduct a home security audit to address the areas that might expose your family to unwanted situations. Well, let us assume that you are through with the auditing, you may like to consider the security tips I have listed below. Number 1. Remove home keys from the obvious areas – the better thing that you can do is installing keyless entry system to which the kids know the code and could access the house without leaving the back door open. You can change the alarm code in case that it is compromised. Number 2. Doors to garage are typically left unlocked – the intruders who can access the garage will be able to have free pass to your home so whenever possible, take a good look at this area of your home.
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Number 3. Lighting – with regards to this matter, it is vital that you replace the bulbs that are quite old and guarantee that your exterior lightings are well maintained. This is true most especially in areas that could hide intruders while they’re trying to break into your home.
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Number 4. Gravel – whether you believe it or not, this material is so useful particularly if you use them in your driveway and walkway areas as it can alert you in case that someone walks up to your place. Number 5. Home security signs – even if you don’t have one, adding such sign in your lawn could go a very long way. This has the ability of deterring potential intruders because they will think twice to choose your home as their next target. Number 6. Lawn maintenance – you must keep your bushes trimmed down particularly in the doors and windows. Always remember that overgrown plants can provide great cover for intruders if they are trying to break in your home. Number 7. Have multiple panic buttons – as for the homeowners who already have home security system, this is something that must not be disregarded. At the same time, it’ll be wise to have a meeting place where you and the rest of the family will meet in case of emergency.