A Beginners Guide To Ducts

Basic Guide to Finding the Right Air Duct Cleaning Service

To deter indoor air pollution and unwarranted air conditioner repair later on, leave duct installation to qualified professionals. Then again, selecting an AC service that provides duct installation is not always easy. There are plenty of factors that are most essential when choosing a service for your ductwork.

Untrustworthy AC service companies use a ton of shortcuts and deceitful methods so they can save time and money. Services that can present a legitimate business license and proof of insurance, as well as client references for past work can be trusted. On the other hand, any contractor that hesitates to give any of the above could have something to conceal, and is not worth considering. Search Google and review sites to know how customers assess the contractors. So many negative ratings compose a red flag. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) can also help you when selecting an air duct cleaning service.

One of the first issues you need to look into when planning to hire a duct cleaning company is the method of cleaning it regularly uses. In most cases, ducts are cleaned by a mix of multiple methods. The best way to lessen duct contamination is to “source remove” duct cleaning for the whole HVAC system.

This process relies on high-powered mechanical vacuum collection systems that extract debris out of the pipes and place it into a safe container. Whilst the vacuum pulls debris, multiple devices are used in the interior to displace debris and dump it toward the vacuum collection system.

Surely, it’s also vital to obtain references from a contractor’s old projects. Ask the duct cleaner’s clients if they were contented with the work and if they encountered any issues with their HVAC system from then on.

You also want to know if the duct cleaner is a member of the Better Business Bureau and if they are of good standing. In addition, ask your prospect how long their technicians have been performing duct cleaning. If you ‘re not so sure, ask for proof that your system is actually contaminated. If the ducts should be cleaned, it should be no issue for the technician to show you how filthy the ducts have become.

You must also ensure that any chemicals utilized in the cleaning process are EPA registered for the specified application. Don’t forget to request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as well. The service you pick should comply with each provision of NADCA performance standard 01-1992, Mechanical Cleaning of Non-Porous Air Conveyance System Components.

Lastly, inquire if they are in possession of every business and professional license required by the government. There are states requiring air duct cleaners to hold HVAC contractors’ licenses or related professional licenses.