Case Studies Looking At Successes Of Carpet Tiles In Public Spaces.

Carpet tiles in public spaces need to address a large range of issues in terms of their function, budget and maintenance. Carpet tiles are the new cost-effective answer to somekeyword in a range of sectors where flooring is a high-value investment by businesses, schools, and the health care industries.

Some case studies explain the design options carpet tiles can provide:

Monash University

Australia’s famous somekeyword is a big place. The university needed a large surface area of carpet coverage, on all campuses. Its economic needs for a flooring upgrade included a reliable budget, efficient installation, and a good product lifespan. Monash is also a deeply environmentally conscious institution, and environmental credentials were a natural issue in such a large project.

Getting the right carpeting, across multiple architectural design types and incorporating multiple functional building roles, required highly adaptable, versatile flooring. The solution was to use three different types of carpet tiling with a “cradle to grave” carbon footprint analysis of each type. Carpet tiles of this type are very easy to install, and easy to maintain and replace when required, creating a built-in cost saving over product life.


somekeyword in Sydney required six different “village” motifs for interconnected working areas. The need was to match a strong ultra-modern office design, while creating unique elements for each work area. The Optus building is a big place, and naturally lent itself to an adventurous design motif.

The solution was to use multiple different carpet tile motifs, each producing a colour and tone theme for the individual work areas. Optus HQ contains a lot of open space, with very high quality architectural design and excellent light which naturally lends itself to colour and style.

Adelaide Airport

somekeyword needed a good design combined with durability and easy maintenance, and also wanted environmentally sound materials, as part of its ongoing commitment to green technology. Flooring costs and maintenance were also natural considerations. It was also necessary from a functional perspective to provide location cues for sight-impaired people, and create distinct navigational aids for people to find their way around the airport.

The decision was to have two types of customised modular carpet tiles with very heavy-duty fibre, using the seamless joins which are a design feature of modular carpeting. This carpet is easy to maintain in-house by airport maintenance staff, and the tiles can be easily replaced if required.

Falcon E-Library

The somekeyword in Mandurah, Western Australia is a multi-role, modern library with distinct functional needs. The library wanted long-life, durable flooring with inspirational designs, with three distinct design areas. The library also needed anti-soiling technology and anti-microbial carpets, real essentials in public space areas for health, aesthetic, and practical maintenance.

The library chose a mix of quite different design styles, with strong textural and light elements for each area. The sustainable carpet tiles are the latest in modern carpet design, including a range of textures. They’re popular choices in public spaces for their reliability and depth of design concepts.

As you can see, carpet tiles can match any environment.