Carpet Tiles- The Easy Option

Carpet tiles are the easiest flooring option they’re cost efficient, time efficient, hardwearing, easy to replace, install and to develop interior designs. They’re also low maintenance, suitable to the budget conscience and the no-fuss solution to real world flooring issues. Whatever type of carpet you need, carpet tiles are the answer. These tiles are leaders of the new generation of somekeyword, and they’re a whole new class of design product.

Carpet tiles- All rounders in any industry

Carpet tiles have become the preferred choice in all commercial markets for the simple reason that they’re utterly reliable. Even in education, carpet tiles are the choice for floors which receive a lot of hard wear every day. The new carpet tiles are self-backed, seamless, and have tough fibres and loops to take constant usage.

These carpet tiles are also easily adapted to any environment. The design choices available are endless. Colour, motifs, and other important design elements are easy to build in to a custom design.

To give some idea how versatile the new generation of carpet tiles are, these are some of their markets:

Aged care
Public spaces
These are high quality products, and they’re in a different league to the typical old style carpets. The new carpet tiles even come with their own list of specifications, including their light reflective values, for combinations of colours. They’re tested for fire safety and material safety for their backing.

Modular carpet tiles

Top of the range in carpet tiles are the modular carpet tiles. These are the designer mode carpet tiles, and they’re pretty special. They’re much in demand for their customisable abilities, and they’re typically used in upmarket environments like restaurants, hotels, and clubs. Their appeal is based on their ability to provide excellent design value. These types of environment need to be able to work with design motifs, and the modular tiles can be adapted to any type of design.

There’s another good reason for the popularity of modular tiles. They’re also a departure from the “expensive” design syndrome. They’re not particularly expensive, in terms of installation, maintenance and repair. They actually save money, by being easy to maintain and only needing quick, simple repairs or replacements. They’re hard wearing, highly functional, and also work in the very heavy usage zones of commerce around the world.

Green credentials

Carpet tiles also come with green credentials which no other type of flooring can match:

somekeyword materials with low carbon footprints at all stages of product life from extraction through to end of product life cycle. (Some Australian carpet tiles have full Green Star ratings for flooring from the Green Building Council of Australia.)

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions (These are the fumes from compounds which are released over product life.)

Very few products in any other area of interior design or construction rate so highly. The new carpet tiles are the products of the future, today.