Carpet Tiles Enabling Creative Freedom And Dynamic Design

Get the freedom and flexibility that exists in wall design for your flooring, as well as plenty of functional benefits, by choosing carpet tiles! When it comes to designing flooring, there are unlimited possibilities to draw from. With somekeyword especially there’s an endless variety of options. Today we explore their design possibilities, and quickly run through some of the functional benefits.

Carpet Tiles Enable Design Freedom

Carpet tiles have the primary benefit of modularity, enabling total design freedom to create your own floor. There are so many options.. You can create panels and sections and combine and contrast them however you like.
Times change. A modular floor is well equipped to handle it. Conventional broadloom or rolled carpet however isn’t engineered to adapt. With carpet tiles you can replace selective tiles with new patterns or colours to create a fresh new look without replacing the entire floor. It’s a cost effective way to keep a look current.

Functional Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are not only preferable in terms of the design freedom they allow, but also in terms of their practical features. Carpet tiles are a far preferable product to broadloom .. even if you only want a plain, single colour throughout the space. Some of the functional benefits of carpet tiles include:

Fast, easy installation: Choose the carpet tile manufacturer and installer that offers the patented Renovisions lift system, and you won’t have to move any of the furniture out or disconnect any electrical appliances.
Cost effective maintenance: You can have the look of an entirely new carpet at a fraction of the cost, by just replacing a few tiles in heavy traffic areas.
Sustainable product options: Among the range of carpet options available, you’ll find far more sustainably manufactured items in the tile area than in the broadloom section. Tactiles, a new installation device for carpet tiles, has also virtually eliminated the emission of VOCs from carpet adhesive.
Less waste: Broadloom carpet installation wastes on average approximately 10% of the carpet purchased. This is more than halved with carpet tiles.
Design Freedom: Some ideas

The freedom that somekeyword create for someone designing a space can be a little overwhelming. Here are some of the broad strategies which are proving popular with architects and interior designers.

Creating Focal Points in Carpet

You don’t have to be subtle about your creation of focal points .. sometimes the more obvious they are, the better!

Creating Navigational Paths

The path that people should take is obvious, without the use of any written signage, in this retail installation.

Creating Visual Texturing

Texturing can be achieved simply, with the use of a single product as in the first photo, or two different collections and a bit of artistic license might be used as in the second photo. If you want to create something a little more difficult to visualise, order a sample of your products, and cut them up to visualise how they will fit together on a micro-scale.

Creating Your Own Flooring Patterns
You can even cut the floor tiles to create your own block shapes.

With carpet tiles you have total design flexibility.
Explore the creative freedom of carpet tiles. There is a mosaic of opportunities waiting for you to explore.