Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company Services

Rug Doc is a carpet cleaning company that and does so much more than most. Clean your carpet, and make your home look better, effortlessly.


In addition to carpet cleaning, Rug Doc also does upholstery cleaning. Eliminate pet odors and stains, disinfect for a healthier you, and have Teflon protection applied to carpets and fabric, too, so that once your carpets and/or furniture are cleaned, they stay clean longer.

Here’s what you can expect from Rug Doc:

You’ll never have to worry about high-pressure sales from Rug Doc. Instead, simply talk with one of our knowledgeable professionals and get all your questions answered, simply and plainly. You can have a price quote quickly for the services you need, and you can be assured that the cleaning services we provide will be on time and within the price budget set.

How is hiring Rug Doc better than doing this yourself?

You can of course try to clean your own carpets, but Rug Doc’s professionals will do the job thoroughly and right the first time, with lasting results. While it’s true you may pay a little bit more up front for Rug Doc service’s versus renting or buying a machine and doing your own cleaning, Rug Doc’s exclusive cleaning agents and professional services ensure a job well done at a reasonable price. What’s more, you don’t have to go through the hassle and backbreaking labor of cleaning your own carpets or furniture instead, professionals do it for you while you relax or do something else.

The right options — with professional treatment, always

Rug Doc not only thoroughly cleans and tends to your carpets and/or upholstery, but it guarantees its results. It’s been operating in the York region since 1978, with proven results and happy customers.

Rug Doc offers a free online estimate option so that you can figure out what it’s going to cost you once you do this, a friendly and professional expert will be in touch with you to determine your best needs. Once you’re quoted a price, that’s the price you’ll pay, guaranteed.

State-of-the-art equipment, top-of-the-line cleaning methods and trained professionals ensure that precious carpets and/or furniture will be protected, and the job will be done right the first time — or Rug Doc will make it right.

What makes Rug Doc different?

It’s not just his top-of-the-line professionals and cleaning methods, though. Rug Doc goes the extra mile by pre-inspecting your carpet and/or upholstery to determine what the best cleaning option or options are for you. It also does dye testing, to ensure that materials are colorfast and won’t be damaged by the cleaning.

Rug Doc’s professionals also thoroughly pre-vacuum the carpet via commercial vacuum so the loose dirt is gone and cleaning agents can simply focus on the ground in dirt and stains in the carpet itself.

Heavily soiled areas are also pretreated, and Rug Doc’s special quick dry soil removal process actually pulls the dirt right out of the carpet, and it will also dry quicker in fact, the cleaned areas should be completely dry within one to two hours.

After the cleaning…

That’s not all, though. Rug Doc goes the extra mile by inspecting the cleaned carpet and reapplying necessary treatments for any lasting stains. With “dry bonnets” technology, Rug Doc’s technician can quickly assess results and make sure they’re up to snuff.

Once all stains are gone, Rug Doc does a final post grooming, so that carpet pile and furniture are at their best, and then a post inspection, whereby an expert will walk through your home with you so that you can inspect results and make sure you’re satisfied while the technician is still on the premises.