Care and Maintenance of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are pieces of carpet that have been crafted into squares. These carpet squares make a great alternative to regular rolled carpet in large rooms and offices. They are mostly available in adhesive backed packs but can also be purchased without adhesive backing. Carpet tiles can be found in differing grades and thicknesses. Carpet tiles can be found in a variety of colors and styles, making them suitable for a range of environments. Their ease of installation and resilience has made them incredibly popular in recent years.

Regular daily maintenance and prompt action on treating spillages and stains will help prolong the life of carpet tiles. See common questions and answers below:

How often should they be cleaned? Carpet tiles should be vacuumed daily using a powerful upright cleaner with a rotary brush head or beater bar.

What should be the first action in the event of a spillage? Remove as much of the spillage as possible immediately, then overlay an absorbent material and press down as if blotting. A combination of capillary action and pressure will remove the majority of the spillage and minimise staining.

What about residual stains? Any residual stains may be spot cleaned by the use of the appropriate solvent or cleaning system. Care must be taken not to use excess solvent.

What tile carpets should be used in areas with off-street traffic? These areas should be protected by a dirt barrier to minimize the build of up dirt.

How much of the area should be ‘dirt’ protected? To achieve satisfactory results, a barrier carpet should be at least three metres long.

How can I minimise wear on areas of particularly heavy traffic? Either use a heavier duty carpet tile or simply rotate them with tiles that are not subject to as much traffic. Remember that tiles can be easily replaced so keep some extra ones back from the same batch should heavily soiled or damaged tiles need replacing.

Scheduled maintenance

The basis of planned maintenance is the regular cleaning of those areas that undergo regular traffic, typically only 20-30% of an installation. Consequently, planned maintenance is cost effective and maintains the appearance of the carpet at a high standard at all times.

The required frequency and method of cleaning will be determined by product type, colour, traffic intensity and soiling type will vary widely from one installation to another.

If a planned maintenance programme is followed through, the need for intensive wall-to-wall cleaning may be required only once a year. The timing of deep cleans will be determined by the cleaning contractor based on assessment of the type of soiling, the traffic frequency and the location within the building.

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