Can Drinking Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is always a hot topic when it comes to both men and women of all ages. With a variety of diets and exercise regimens available, many people overlook the simple changes to their lifestyles that could make a major impact. One of the easiest ways to help jump start the weight loss process involves drinking water. It sounds obvious, but it could have a profound effect of a person’s waistline, helping him or her reach the desired weight loss sooner.

Drink Water Before Meals

Just one or two cups of water before a meal can drastically reduce the amount of food ingested. If the stomach is already filled with even some water, there isn’t going to be enough room for large quantities of food. Good hydration simply leads to less food consumption.

Replace Sugary Drinks (and Even Diet Drinks) With Water

Most people understand that beverages like sugary sodas tend to be adding on the pounds, not taking them away. However, consuming water in place of these drinks, a person can make considerable progress when it comes to weight loss goals. Instead of ingesting all of the sugars, even artificial sugars in diet drinks, a person is getting fluids that are necessary to keep the body running. Water serves the purpose of quenching thirst without all the additives.

Water Isn’t the Only Answer

It can be tempting to suggest that water has some special element in it that begins to help shave off the pounds. Research shows that it isn’t water alone that will create weight loss. Instead, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, it can ensure that a person sees better, more consistent results in his or her goals. Water just enhances the effects.

Heading to a place where drinking water may not be pleasant or safe? This doesn’t mean that you need to go without. Instead, consider bringing along a personal water filtration system. Aside from the healthy benefits that come with purified water in an unfamiliar place, the filter ensures that you can keep up your habit of ingesting large amounts of water on a regular basis, no matter where you are.